Tailor-made Women’s Apparel

When it comes to tailoring the problems a person faces is huge. They either don’t get tailors who can stitch dresses for them to perfection or deliver a dress on time. What is worse is that if the tailor delivers the dress on time he tends to leave out a few design details which is extremely disappointing for the person who is going to wear the dress. So there is always one problem or the other when it comes to tailored garments.

The most difficult problem any good tailor will face is staying consistent. It is absolutely difficult for a tailor with increasing number of clients to stay consistent due to certain factors, the main one being balance between delivery time and quality. When a tailor is exceptionally good and satisfies his clients with regard to time and quality, he becomes popular by word of mouth and more and more women approach him. He receives more number of orders, the orders are usually bunched together especially during festival times and special occasions. In that case the tailor usually hires more number of people to work under him to help meet his deadlines and deliver a dress on the promised date. But more the number of helpers greater are the issues with quality. If the tailor decides not to hire new people and tries to provide the best quality with him being involved directly, he fails to meet his deadline and the dress is not delivered on time, hence disappointing the client. This is a quite a challenge for any good tailor and it’s just close to impossible to master the task of balancing On-Time-Delivery and Quality.

There have been many women who would have finally settled with a particular tailor in their native place but then would have had to migrate to another place. In that case they find it very difficult to find and settle with another tailor in the new locality and they tend to stitch their clothes only when they go to their native place.

The best part is that our customers can contact us from any corner in India no matter where they are migrating to. When the garment is ready it is automatically shipped safely to our clients. Though the client is not approaching us in person or meeting our tailors, IamMyDesigner still ensures that our Designer Dresses fit our customers perfectly. How do we do that – that’s a story that deserves its own post.


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Dry Clean Only :-)

Just came across (a bit delayed) this article from Mint which mentions most of the Major Retail Apparel Chains. We have come across this phenomenon as well.

It looks like there are multiple advantages as far as the Retail Chain is concerned

– they can refuse to take returns, by using the Wash Care Label as a crutch. They can as a result have a very liberal policy in principle but not neccessarily suffer from it.

– save on Label Printing costs. (I have to confess that, when we initially launched IamMyDesigner, for convenience purposes, we pretty much had the same Wash Care as part of most of our fabrics as well. We were just playing it safe as we were short on expertise in that area.)

Really speaking, its just so difficult (for obvious reasons) to arrive at an appropriate Returns Policy for the Indian market.

These kind of issues faced by Indian Women have pretty much been the guiding force for forming our company. Although, if i were to argue on behalf of these Retail Chains, I must admit that it becomes difficult to provide an Indian Customer with a great Quality Dress at such low price points as Rs.200.

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Levis “Digital Fitting”

Just wanted to check if anyone of you has tried this out. It would be great to receive from feedback from someone who has. It sounds really exciting.

Hope to hear from a few of you, atleast. You can put down a comment or just write to us (CustomerCare@iammydesigner.com).

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Watch out for some Exciting Updates on IamMyDesigner

Just wanted to share with you all some good news. We have been working very hard in putting together some nice Updates to the IamMyDesigner website. A lot of you have been asking for More Fabrics, More Neck Designs, More Sleeve Designs etc.

We will be shortly getting into a mode where you can start seeing new Fabrics and new Design Elements getting released pretty much on a daily basis!

And thats not all that we are working on….. i will leave the rest of the updates for a later post!

And to close, i just wanted to ask – has anyone tried to figure out how many designs you can potentially create using the various Necks, Sleeves, Dress Types and Fabrics available on IamMyDesigner?

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Price is Right @IamMyDesigner

Event – Price Is Right

IamMyDesigner is completing 1 great year of existence and we want to celebrate it along with our wondeful Customers. As part of the celebration, we have planned to have a few events. 

We invite you to take part in the first event – “Price is Right”. Try guessing the prices of a few dresses and win some Gift Coupons to use on your new IamMyDesigner Customized Dress. 

Visit today to submit your entry – it takes less than a minute.


1st Prize: Rs.500 Gift Coupon
2nd Prize: Rs.350 Gift Coupon (5 prizes)
3rd Prize: Rs.150 Gift Coupon (10 prizes)
Start Date: 15 June 2010
End Date: 17 June 2010
Results: 18 June 2010

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Keep up-to-date, courtesy Facebook

Here is a way to keep up-to-date with IamMyDesigner. We would be privileged to have you join as a Fan on our Facebook Page.

It gives us another channel to receive valuable feedback from our beloved Customers. And its not one-way either. You can get involved in interesting discussions/debates with other fans and us.

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Design Studio

Check out the Design Studio up and running on IamMyDesigner website! You can create your own designer Tops and Kurtis.

Register on http://www.IammyDesigner.com to design your own Tops and Kurtis.

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